Sr. Software Engineer, Devops and CI/CD Infra

Sr. Software Engineer, Devops and CI/CD Infra

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If you apply, we'd love you to tell us about the most impressive thing you've ever built in place of a cover letter.

You will be joining Avala's small and eilte team of engineers, and will own our build tooling and its ergonomics, test frameworks, static analysis, continuous integration, and the server infrastructure that runs it all.

Your goal will be to minimize the friction involved in developing, testing, and deploying changes to the Avala stack, from web and cloud applications down to our mobile apps. If you join us, you will design, implement, and maintain software that helps all of Avala iterate and ship quickly, and have an outsized impact toward the mission of abundant economic opportunity for all.

We are looking for an experienced Build and CI/CD Infra Engineer who can be a force multiplier to make the entire Avala engineering team more productive. This is an opportunity to have a big impact and get lots of ownership. We're looking for someone who thrives in the very early stages of a company and is self driven.

We encourage any candidate that meets 70% of the qualifications to still apply!

You'll enjoy this role if you can

  • Build and maintain software services, scripts, tools, and plugins to support Avala engineering workflows
  • Improve our continuous integration pipeline to make it easier for engineers to receive actionable feedback on their code
  • Improve our code build time and usability of the build system
  • Continually engage with the team and proactively come up with ways to make their lives easier
  • Administer build agents and other servers
  • Shaping our practice as one of our early hires, bringing your technical leadership, experience, and knowledge of best practices to establish a strong engineering culture.


  • Strong software engineering foundations and a desire to apply those skills toward making other engineers more productive
  • Python experience
  • Kubernetes experience
  • Experience with one or more build systems (e.g. Bazel, Make, Gradle, Maven, SCons) and the ability to discuss their pros and cons
  • Strong, defensible opinions on what constitutes a great developer experience
  • Must be willing to constantly learn new things.
  • Passionate about joining a small team and building a company.

Nice To Have Skills

  • Dart, Go, Kotlin, Java
  • Docker
  • Configuration management software (e.g. Puppet, Ansible, Chef)
  • Plugin/extension development for Atlassian products or CI systems
  • You've worked at a startup before.
  • A history of working on side/hobby projects and contributing to open source projects is a plus.

Our Pledge to Fostering an Inclusive and Safe Workplace 💙

Avala pledges to be a harassment-free and discrimination-free space for everyone, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, nationality, neurotype, personal appearance, political affiliation, professional background, race, religion, or sexual identity or orientation.

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