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Career Growth

Guiding Attributes

The following attributes appear at each step of growth within Avala. At each stage, they will have different characteristics, but this section will serve as a summary of what they mean, not what they are.


Communication at Avala is about being able to communicate difficult concepts simply. It's about understanding that clear is kind, and striving to bridge communication gaps between departments and organizations within Avala. Good communication is as much about what you communicate as how you communicate. A good communicator at Avala strives to use the correct communication channels as much as possible and informs others when there are more effective communication channels. A good communicator also strives to provide quality feedback quickly, clearly, and with empathy.


Execution describes someones ability to take an idea and turn it into reality. The speed, quality, cost/benefit, mental toll of team all play in to how good execution is. Good execution is seamless, and leaves the team and individual feeling graceful and confident.

Technical Skill

The technical skill attribute focuses on level of technical understanding and ability. This is mostly used to describe directly technical things, but can also be used to describe a deeper understanding of first, second, and third order effects of technical decisions.


Self awareness at Avala describes someones ability to understand how themselves and their team feels, and use that to increase the effectiveness of all other guiding attributes. A self aware person understands the importance of working on themselves first and ensuring that goals (both for themselves and team) are communicated. A self aware person also understands the impact that their actions, words, and body language have on their surroundings, and uses that understanding to positively impact their environment.

Engineering Ladder

This section outlines the potential paths at Avala. This is the bread and butter of this document, but it's important that all of the above be included because it is weaved into each of these roles at Avala.

The first four roles' (Necessary growth for later paths) attributes are required in any role beyond them, but past Senior Engineer 2, things move to an Individual Contributor and Management track. This ensures that there is room to progress at Avala for both engineers that would love to move to the people side, as well as engineers that want to focus on the technical side. Both are essential to Avala growth as a business, and you should feel empowered to choose either. As with most things in life, your decision is not final and you can move from one track to the other as long as you work to achieve the attributes.

The Extra Responsibilities section provides some extra responsibilities that enable you to demonstrate skills and ownership that can help as you grow along this path. Responsible engineer is not required. Being a Tech Lead is required to move from Senior Engineer 2 to Engineering Manager.

Necessary growth for later paths

Engineer 1
Engineer 2
Senior Engineer 1
Senior Engineer 2

Different paths to follow

Individual Contributor

Extra Responsibilities

Responsible Engineer
Tech Lead


While this Engineering Ladder is specific to Avala, it is also meant to be very clear (both internally and externally). The aim of this document is to provide clarity, so this should reflect not only what Avala believes, but what is represented in the market. This engineering ladder is comprised of industry standards from Tesla, SpaceX, Khan Academy, and Medium and have been modified, consolidated and applied to Avala's engineering ladder in a way that is both clear and fits Avala's needs as an engineering organization.